Your financial support Is an act of worship to god and makes the ministry and mission of The Gospel Chapel possible! Whether it’s used towards ministry for Children, Youth or Young Adults, Sunday Services, Care Groups or Bible Studies, Benevolence or in support of missions around the world, your generous contributions impact the lives of many.

Three ways to give...

The Gospel Chapel Vanderhoof BC Sunday morning

Sunday Morning

Offering Collected during the Sunday Service.

We believe that we are called to support the ministries of our Church through faithful and generous giving. In recognition of this, an offering is collected weekly during the Sunday Service. Visitors should not feel obligated to give.

Request for Envelopes: If you would like to receive a supply of numbered offering envelopes (which greatly assist in the counting and recording of the offerings each week), simply contact The Gospel Chapel Office.

The Gospel Chapel Vanderhoof BC donations

Online Donation

with PushPay

Online Donations.

You can make an online donation through PushPay.

You may connect to the PushPay link to donate online or may wish to get the PushPay app which will allow you to donate on-line using your mobile device.

The Gospel Chapel Vanderhoof BC giving

E- Transfer

E-mail Money Transfers.

Interac e-Transfers are available through most financial institutions (HyperWallet through the Credit Union).

Simply sign on to your on-line banking and set up a one-time or recurring transfer to The Gospel Chapel through the email address

Note that the money is transferred securely through online banking and the Interac network, NOT by email. Sending an e-Transfer costs about $1.00 (varies by financial institution); receiving and depositing a transfer is free.

Receipts for Income Tax Purposes

An annual receipt for income tax purposes is provided by The Gospel Chapel Evangelical Free Church each February for contributions made during the previous calendar year.